Non Toxic Cleaning
“ Non toxic cleaning environment to boost your health. Pure, safe, non toxic and effective without compromise to performance." 

Why clean with essential oils?

• Natural and safe to use in the home
• Potent, powerful, and effective
• Alternative to cleaning products with dangerous toxins and chemicals
• Offers versatile options for cleaning
• Creates a clean, inviting aroma

Clean the air & dispel odors!

Not only can you use essential oils with cleansing properties to promote clean air within the home, but you can also dispel unpleasant odors by replacing them with the potent power of essential oils.
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Clean Vibes Bundle
wholesale $180 | 121 PV

Clean up your space with this curated kit 
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On Guard Cleaner Concentrate
Ideal natural cleaner+ wild orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary + natural protection 
against certain environmental factors 
Abode Dishwasher Pods 
Plant based, natural + powerful 

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash 
Cleanses gently without over drying 

Abode Dish Soap 
Plant-based + gunk remover

On Guard Laundry Detergent
On Guard Protective Blend + stain remover

Tea Tree Essential Oil 
purifying + cleansing 
Purify Essential Oil 
eradicates odor + purifies air
Lemon Essential Oil
Cleansing + Seasonal Threats

Try these oils in your diffuser for clean air:
On Guard®
Siberian Fir
Wild Orange

For Natural Cleaning Recipes