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I help busy on-the-go woman take control of digestive issues and stress with a real foods approach so you can lose the stubborn belly fat and get back that vibrant energy you used to have.

 Life isn't easy as a momma, but you can always find the light

Keep trudging along that path your on because the journey is going to be your biggest reward.

Feeling run down, bloated and inflamed kind of became the norm since I was a teenager. Losing my mother to breast cancer at 12 years old was the start of an empowering yet frightening path being raised by just our father while looking out for my two younger sisters.

My health was far from ideal even though I thought I was eating healthy. I had no idea what was considered to be "healthy food" and didn't even think about nutrition growing up.  I come from an Italian family eating tons of pastas, cheese, bread and sauce as our main staple, it was most of what I knew and was so delicious, don't get me wrong! I love my Italian heritage and making homemade sauce was our jam, using REAL homegrown veggies and herbs.

But let's face it, there was much more that needed improvement than the food I was used to under the Standard American Diet. My anxiety left me feeling over tired and my strict exercise regimen just didn't cut it. 

Yeah hormonal changes happen and being tired was normal, but I was struggling with something deeper than that. I was on prescription drugs for stubborn acne, always hiding my skin under makeup. I was on the pill for PCOS and irregular periods which will make it difficult to have kids, if at all.  Despite the fact that I was skinny and fit, I had a real life cheese obsession that was literally inhibiting my health and my body decided to throw symptoms of bloat, fatigue and anxiety into the mix. By the time I reached high school my "scatter brain" led me to a diagnosis of ADHD and I honestly have no idea how I got through each day as happy as I was. Maybe these were all signs that something was a bit off and no drug or pill was going to fix that?

By the time I hit 17, taking these prescribed pills were the easiest way out of my problems. If only I had known the damaging affects of  long term use of these meds, poor lifestyle and stress factors, which ended up being the biggest contributor to my main struggle today, Candida. Candida, an autoimmune condition that was left untreated for so long I developed another autoimmune condition, Vitiligo (discoloration of the skin).

I became a Health Coach to uncover the root of my own specific health issues. I started eating more plants, coloring my plate, took time each day to de-stress and found the magic in meal prep that turned my life around.

It was in understanding how to listen to my body and changing the culture of the food in my home that changed everything for me. Every morning my family and I start the day with a nutritious anti-inflammatory green drink to keep us feeling full and on track!


So I ditched the pills and took a holistic approach to naturally get my body and gut back to a neutral state with no more inflammation, no more anxiety and an overall improved mental wellness. In my journey to reverse these symptoms I took control of my health by completely revamping my diet and my lifestyle. I took on a real, whole foods and gluten-free diet and prioritized self-care and stress-reduction. Most importantly, my cycles were normal, my hormones were happy and my body finally felt whole. Finally 2019 brought us a miracle when our healthy beautiful baby girl, Ava arrived!

I discovered that life is not just about making sure you eat kale every day and consume only 1200 calories to keep up with your body weight and athletic ability. It's about the appreciation for yourself, being mindful and in tune with your body and trusting your gut feelings and intuition.


I began my health and fitness journey as a Healthy Living Advocate and Holistic Entrepreneur after working at a fitness club doing Business Management and Strategy for over 10 years. It was after that I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach which sealed the deal for my passion of educating people on eating for a better health. It was at that moment that I found my niche and created ReRoot Your Health LLC.

So I get health and wellness and I get the functions of business and marketing, its my jam! I am an ever-learner and to this day I am constantly in tune with the latest and greatest health facts, natural remedies and insightful lifestyle tips.

Nothing worth having will ever come easy but that's not to say it's not worth fighting for. I was on my health journey for 9 years before I found the path of discovery. Almost 9 years of suffering to figure out a plan and finally 3 years to heal my body after implementing what I learned. I was absolutely amazed by everything I learned and the transformations I was noticing in my body, there was no turning back.

Here's the real truth. I never ignored my body's signals again.  My inspiration for Health Coaching comes from my very own experience which led me to the creation of my 4-month coaching program.

Now, I point the arrow in your direction, to Re-ROOT your health for good!



  • Certified Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Essential Oil Consultant
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management; Focus in Marketing
  • Associates Degree in Psychology
  • Certification in Holistic Natural Remedies


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