Glowing Green Smoothie

“Your skin is glowing, what do you do” – this is something I’ve been getting asked often within the last 3 years. 🙈 It’s kind of embarrassing actually. Let me tell you my skin was farrrrr from ‘normal’. Tons of imperfections, breakouts, uneven…ugh such a mess. It was a long time coming, and even today…

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Vegan Eggless Nog

bottle container cream creamy

Since I was a child, around the holiday season, my dad bought us egg nog. You know that nice creamy golden goodness they sell at every supermarket. A few sips (or even glasses) in and my stomach was aching and I got sick of it really quick. When I became a Health Coach in 2018,…

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Dairy Free Chai Latte

My favorite holiday drink has always been a Chai Latte over a Hot chocolate! If you have been looking for a healthy for you alternative this is it! So simple and you use goods in your pantry that you’ll already have on hand. My tea usually is loose leaf tea. I find the taste is…

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