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If you are ready to take back your health and have that vibrancy people are envious of, you've found home.

Imagine waking up with a bounce in your step and a glorious glow and smile on your face...

This is exactly how you'll feel after we've spent some time together.


When it comes to our health there are things that nourish us on a deeper level and it's not just about the food on our plate. When your primary choices ( elements such as an inspiring career, regular and enjoyable exercise, spiritual practice, environments or honest/open relationships) are full that’s when you thrive. Your actual food (on your plate) stays secondary, providing support to be healthy to do the things you love. Finding this life balance is a beautiful thing and will help you to reach your goals. 

Whether you are struggling with your health and figuring out what to eat or having trouble finding the motivation to lose weight, just know that you're not alone on your health journey and with the right support you will get through this.

In my private and group coaching programs we will figure out what works for YOU. We start by getting rid of the "I cant's" and bringing to light the "I should's". Together we will identify the "root cause" or the real reason behind why you can't keep the weight off , struggle to get through the day or lack confidence in yourself.

“Nicky kept me accountable through my clean eating journey. It was extremely helpful sharing my food choices back and forth while discussing what I did to make them. The food journal that I thought was so corny at first ended up changing my mindset and thoughts on a lot of my choices."   

– Joe

"The 6 month program provided me with the tools and strategies necessary to meet my initial goal of losing weight. Nicky is very knowledgeable and positive and always finds accomplishments in my actions to help me stay motivated and on track!"

– Rachel D

 Everything we consider as nutrition is just a secondary source of energy. Finally improve your energymoodhealth, and happiness

How my Private 1:1 Program works!

Focus on self care, relationships, career and money, home and exercise.

Connect the dots between who you are now and who you want to be

Discover what it's like to find balance in your gut health

Learn ways to “crowd out” bad foods and understand your cravings

Become more educated on proper nutrition, portion sizes and food labels

Uncover any "roadblocks" that hold you back from reaching your goals.

My approach includes three areas that I personalize for each of my clients:

3 Pillars Program

Re-Root: We start to identify mind-body imbalances, find out how the chaos of life gets a hold of you and we learn how to deal with it effectively. I’ll help you uncover underlying health conditions and guide you through the motions. Is your energy tied up in negative thought patterns and after meal cravings? I’ll help you release those. We will set goals and align your path accordingly. You’ll start to notice more energy, fewer cravings and even less bloat.

Re-Fuel: We’ll replenish the nutrients and minerals that the pressure of life robs from your body so it can start to heal deeply. We learn how to fuel your own unique body type with the right nutrition. We’ll restore your gut health and bring your body back into its natural balance. The unwanted weight will start to fall off, your sleep and energy levels will improve and you’ll feel more in control – more like yourself again.

Re-Store: This is where we start to bring everything together to help you gain that momentum in the direction of your goals - so you can feel in control of your health more than ever. You’ll have a new tool belt of habits and resources that will help you manage life’s curve balls more effectively without getting caught up in the vicious stress and eating cycles.  You’ll live a life with less restriction and be able to spring back to your best self no matter what life throws at you.

6 month program

4 Month Private Coaching Program

Your 1-on-1 private coaching program to get you on track toward a happier, healthier you.

I will be your personal guide to help you make simple, changes to permanently reach your goals. This program is customized to be enjoyable and easily integrated into your life and each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.


Imagine if you could finally know how to turn the ingredients in your fridge into a plate of food you actually want to eat? What if you could finally have a plan for your health and bridge that gap between who you are now and who you want to be?

I invite you to the next step to discuss your needs and figure out if working together is a good fit.

Why 1-on-1 coaching is right for you 

  • You’ve done the meal plans, bought the ready made meals, joined gyms and fitness programs, bought the online courses and 21 day challenges - still no sustainable success.
  • Maybe you’ve seen results short term but over time you find yourself experiencing the same digestive and weight issues over again. You feel like something deeper is going on with you
  • You worry about how to put together your lunches and what to make for dinner
  • You know you need specific personalized advice and accountability in order for changes to actually happen

So if you feel like your ready to make some real changes for your health so you can turn those healthy ingredients in your fridge into a real plate of food, then I invite you to the next step to discuss your needs and figure out if working together is a good fit.

6 month program (1)

Maintenance Plan - Session Packages

No structure, just the perfect amount of support to maintain your success.

Each juicy, nutrient packed session is 60-minutes in duration and is customized based on you and your health and wellness needs. These sessions can either be in-person or via video conference (ie. Zoom). Sessions can focus on any of the following but not limited to: Nutrition, Meal Planning, Gut Health, Weight Loss Maintenance, Natural Remedies, Mental Wellness etc.

Sessions can also be used toward any of my Workshops.

Please note, Session Packages do not provide a structured format that outline goals. Sessions are recommended to be used as a maintenance plan for graduates of the Healthy From the Inside Out Program or if you have completed a Private Coaching Program with me. While this is just a recommendation, session packages are available to everyone and no prior application is required!

Flexible payment options available upon request and via Paypal Credit.