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At ReRoot Your Health, my mission is to help women and moms redefine their healthcare with the power of pure, potent essential oils, while freeing them from the suffering that's rooted in their gut imbalances. I will guide you to a life less toxic on and off the plate so you can finally feel your best self.

In my journey to becoming a Health Coach I learned about essential oils but was skeptical. It wasn't until I came across doTERRA- the purest, highest quality essential plant oils in the world!

With the help of oregano, melaleuca and frankincense, and a diet rich in raw live foods I was able to kill off a fungal yeast that grows on the warm interior membranes of your body when the balance of candida organisms and helpful bacteria in the GI tract is disrupted. 

I began ditching toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, replacing them with toxin free oils. I detoxified my body with lemon in my water, used Zendocrine, arborvitae, juniper berry and a high quality probiotic to repair my gut. I managed my stress and hormones with lavender and copaiba and ditched the ADD meds for peppermint and rosemary so I can focus on my business.

After becoming a mom, I experienced first hand how to support my daughter's little baby body naturally with clove for teething pains, tea tree to combat an ear infection, peppermint and lavender to bring down her fever and roman chamomile for restless nights.


This is me now, showing up as my best self because I chose to take care of ME first. I am ready to show you how to take care of yourself and your family too!


oils outside on hand

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are nature's defense for plant cells - pretty much the plant's immune system.

The aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems roots and petals of each plant. The essential oil is a highly concentrated version of its herbal counterpart ( 50-70x more powerful!) That's why you only need 1-2 drops! 


Why use essential oils? 

Oils work with the body to protect cells. They are easily absorbed through the skin and are quick and effective. Our body is comprised of carbon and so are essential oils. Therefore when we ingest or topically use an essential oil, our bodies know exactly what to do with it - super cool! The essential oils are able to move freely inside and outside of the cells, unlike synthetic materials.


Why choose doTERRA essential oils?

Not all oils are created equal! All of our oils are Certified Tested Grade (CPTG) and the plants are harvested and sourced in their natural habitat where the plant is native to. doTERRA has stringent 3rd party testing to ensure purity and potency. All of our oils are verified pure and free of harmful fillers, endocrine disruptors and contaminants.  There are no vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids or hormones in essential oils. Any claim of such ingredients simply reveals the impurity of a product. Check out my guide on how to spot adulterated oils here.

Co-Impact sourcing ensures that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated fairly and ethically. With over 13 essential oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries - more than half of which are developing countries.

Source To You proves doTERRA's transparency in their products. Go to and enter the ID number that's on the bottom of each bottle of oil to view the GC/MS test results from an independent third party lab. Consistency matters with your oils. You are guaranteed the highest quality pure potent oil every single time!


Are essential oils more effective than antibiotics?

OTC antibiotics are water soluble which means they can't access our cells directly and we have to take them more often to get through the cell membrane and kill the virus. This can lead to antimicrobial resistance and can cause damage in our bodies and even cells. Science proves essential oils to be lipid soluble so they enter the oily membrane in the cell and kill bacteria, pathogens or virus while strengthening the entire cellular system without leaving any harmful side effects behind.

3 ways to use essential oils

doTERRA essential oils can be diffused or inhaled to help improve mood, calm emotions, open airways and clean the air from germs, toxins or unwanted odors. When we inhale an essential oil, the molecules of the oil are sent to the olfactory bulb in the brain to communicate with the amygdala, hippo campus and other brain structures. This is one the quickest and easiest ways to experience their benefits.

Internal use of doTERRA essential oils allows you to experience the CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade) benefits from the inside out. You can supplement your diet by putting oils in a veggie capsule or add them to your water. The main reasons to use oils internally is to obtain antioxidants to protect against free radical damage, help body cleanse and renew, support body's natural defenses and support immune system functioning.


Applying oils directly to your skin is a great way to help them absorb into your body. doTERRA oils can be safely applied topically NEAT (by itself) or diluted with a carrier like fractionated coconut oil.  Diluting helps the essential oil penetrate deeper in the skin while also increasing the surface area of absorption. Topical use of oils is recommended to address local pains like muscle/back pain, headaches, skin irritations, acne or bloating.


Essential oils help you re-direct your emotions and allow you to shift out old habits and poor behaviors.

Step 1: Identify your essential oil needs

Sleep Support

Weight Managment

Immune Support

Seasonal Support

Mood Support

Green Cleaning

Kids + Babies


Stress Support

Pain Management + Support

Clean Beauty + Skin Health

Lifestyle Support

Reduce Toxic Load + Detox

Women's Health

step 2: Choose your kit 

When you are at checkout, you have the option of adding any additional products to your order.

Healthy Start Kit 

Perfect sampler kit for those who want to get there toes wet with oils. Contains 10 oils in 5mL bottles that we all need on a daily basis to take care of ourselves and families. 

healthy kit

Home Essentials Kit 

 Top 10 oils in 15ml bottles to help you live an active life both mentally and physically with a focus on emotional support.

healthy essentials kit

Healthy Habits Kit

Overhaul your physical health and give your body a reset with our bio-available supplement line and top 5 oils. Perfect for anyone with autoimmune, skin or digestive issues. 

IMG_4051 2

Aroma Essentials Kit

For those looking for simple ways to eliminate toxins in their home, aromatics are some of the easiest places to start.  Replace harmful chemicals with the power of nature and freshen the air in your home  while supporting immunity, boosting mood, releasing tension and improving digestion and respiratory function. 


Natural Solutions Kit

Overhaul your health and home with  toxin free living products like toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, muscle rub and first aid along with a gorgeous diffuser, the top oils for physical, emotional and mental health and Lifelong Vitality Supplements.



Simple Solutions Kit

Includes our top 3 oils and our Deep Blue topical cream to provide a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. Great base kit for customizing if there is something specific you want to address.




Cleanse + Restore Kit

30-Day cleanse to help you reset your digestive tract so you can properly detox, absorb nutrients, improve your skin and mood and lose weight.  You will also get a 1:1 private consult with me which includes: a wellness check, cleanse and food guide, clean recipes + more! 

Cleanse + Restore FB 1 Kit

 Step 3: Connect with me!  

Once you place your order and get enrolled with me, I will get in touch with you to welcome you to my community and schedule your Wellness Consult to go over your kit and assess your needs. If you have any other questions you can get in touch here. 

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Brand new to using your oils? I've got you covered.

If you are brand new to using oils and are a member of mine, you can grab the FREE code from me or whoever enrolled you, to get access to my Back To Your Roots with Essential Oil course that will walk you through how to get started with your essential oils and the many ways you can use them.


What others are saying

Kathy R. | CT

“I have suffered from anxiety since I was about 20 years old. I tried  prescription medications that made me feel tired, dizzy, and gave me feelings similar to electric shock rolling through my body. At 28 years old I had to do something, I had to make a change. I came off my anxiety medicine and  reached out to my best friend who swore by doTERRA essentials oils. I was a skeptic at first but, once I tried them, I was hooked. I don’t go a day without using them in some way. Not only have some oils helped my anxiety, I have also used them for heartburn, sleep, and helping with my asthma. I’m so glad I made the switch to a clean and natural remedy. I know I will be using these in so many ways going forward."

Nikki W. | CT

“I have struggled with IBS and gut health issues for years. I tried elimination diets and cutting out gluten and dairy but I still seemed to have persisting stomach issues. I tried more probiotics than I can count, but none of them helped like PB Assist did. This paired with the Terrazymes before meals changed my life!! I finally feel like I have control over my gut health and my flare ups have minimized significantly. I continue to minimize my gluten and dairy intake but if I want to have some on occasion, I don’t feel worried about getting sick because I know the PB Assist and Terrazymes help balance my gut and break down foods.

If I am experiencing a flare up, my favorite Doterra products are the peppermint soft gels to alleviate nausea, and digestzen. “

Cynthia P. | WA

"26 years old, I started having horrible PMS symptoms. I'd be angry about everything, so depressed I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I had uncontrollable crying, was super nauseous and fatigued. Then the day my period would start, I felt totally normal and happy again. After 5 months of this cycle, I started adding 1 phytoestrogen capsule to my usual Life Long Vitality supplement regimen along with a Terrazyme. The first month of using it, I had ZERO PMS symptom. Nothing at all. I couldn't believe how fast it worked and now I'm taking 2 a day!"

Andrea K. | CT

"Nicky’s knowledge of essential oils goes well beyond the basics. Through research and practice, she has developed a toolbox for herself and her clients that promotes holistic remedies, healthy homes and an escape from the toxic chemicals that plague our lives. Nicky’s dedication to a natural lifestyle is an asset to anyone she works with”

Nicole D. | CT

"Chronic acne, gut health issues, candida flare ups, low energy, fatigue, headaches. I'll keep this brief - started out on the Cleanse and Restore to rid my body of toxic burden- AMAZING. Began LLV, PB Assist, Terrazyme every single day, never stopped 2 years later. Use tea tree, yarrow pom and immortelle as part of my daily skin regimen - GLOWING skin. Yarrow, rosemary lavender if I have a skin rash flare up - GONE in a week. Daughter had an ear infection. For 2 days put tea tree around the ear, peppermint and lavender down spine for fever, went back to docs - GONE. Headaches/tension -1 drop frankincense on thumb hold to roof mouth for 30 secs- GONE. Needless to say I'm obsessed with doTERRA." ❤

Have questions? Check our FAQ

Are essential oils safe to use while pregnant?
+ -

Yes! Most oils can be used during pregnancy some can actually support you through. In fact there are a couple oils like Clary Sage and Jasmine that are not advised to be used until labor! 

Is it safe to ingest doTERRA oils?
+ -

Generally speaking yes! Keep in mind I only speak for doTERRA essential oils. Turn your bottle of oil around, if it has a supplement fact label on it this means it's safe to take internally.

Can I use these oils on my baby or kids?
+ -

Absolutely! Because doTERRA's oils are pure and free of synthetics and adulteration you can feel confident using them on children and babies. Rule of thumb- dilute with a carrier oil with kids and babies to avoid sensitivities. doTERRA oils are very potent, a little goes a long way! When I first started with oils it was Tea Tree on my 6 month oil to clear up an ear infection! 

I read about essential oils being unsafe for pets, is this true?
+ -

Short answer, NO! This is not true because there are tons of false claims around the internet about oils. This is because the essential oil industry is not regulated and therefore there are tons of poor quality, artificially fragranced oils on the market that cause serious damage to people and pets. Oils can definitely be used around your pets. Rule of thumb - be sure to leave a clear exit route out of the room in case the cat or dog does not like the aroma of the oil. I actually use a blend of specific oils to make my dog's flea and tick collar come summer weather! 

What makes doTERRA oils better or more pure than any others?
+ -

The essential oil industry is actually not regulated by any agency meaning companies are free to dilute the oils, use synthetics, pesticides, and even use parts of the plant that don't have therapeutic properties and label it as "pure" essential oil.  What sets DōTERRA apart is they set the bar for essential oil quality and purity, exceeding industry standards, ensuring the oil you are buying is not only going to be effective but it will also be safe. They source plants from where the plants natively grow - huge factor in the oil's potency. A plant grown in its native location will have a different chemical composition then one forced to grow somewhere else. DoTERRA has 96% exclusivity with their oils- no one has the same exact chemical profile nor gets their oils from the same place.  54 types of testing is done on each liter of oil to ensure it is pure and potent (meaning it has the chemical composition it is supposed to). 

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