Easy Grilled Pineapple Spears

The hint of sweet coconut and maple syrup make this a super refreshing summertime treat that can be ready in just under 10 minutes!

Easy Grilled Pineapple Spears

  • 1 12 oz package (8-10 spears) pineapple spears
  • 1/2 lime juiced + zested organic lime (about 1 tsp zest and 1 tbsp juice)
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 1/12 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
  • pinch seat salt

  1. Turn your grill on medium-high heat. Cook pineapple spears on the grill for 4-5 mins, about 2 min per side. Remove from heat and set aside
  2. Meanwhile, zest the lime in a large bowl. Then add the juice. Stir in the maple syrup. Add the grilled pineapple to the bowl and toss to coat. Let sit for 5 min. *
  3. When ready to serve, remove the spears with tongs removing any excess juices and transfer to a platter. Lightly sprinkle with salt and coconut flakes.

** You can make this up to 2 hours ahead of time and by letting the spears stand in the coating. 

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