welcome - My First Blog Post!

"The journey is the reward."

— Me

This is the first post on my new blog and I am super excited to continue my journey and I hope you will join me along the ride. I promise to provide up-to-date health content while inundating you with tasty clean eating recipes for you and the entire fam! You will also be able to conveniently access my free guides and program offerings very soon! So here is a little about me...

Hi, I'm Nicky DiVicino, an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach. I’m a new mommy, fitness enthusiast, recovering cheese addict and sucker for well…most things that have to do with food, REAL food!

I began my health and fitness journey when I became the General Manager at Core Club in Durham, CT. After my 9+ years’ experience working there my passion for health and wellness grew strong. A lifelong goal of mine was owning my own business so that is where my education began. I carry a bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Minor focus in Psychology and a Certificate in Integrative Health Coaching. My education has helped me grow and develop a passion for what I love to do which is learning and sharing my knowledge with others. From understanding the operations and day to day business functions of small businesses, to interacting with clients and educating people on eating for a better health, it was at that moment that I found my niche and created ReRoot Your Health Integrated Nutrition Health Coaching!

I became a Health Coach because it allowed me to uncover the roots to my specific health problems and guide me toward a healthier lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, I discovered many areas of my life that needed improvement and I learned that there was much more that needed to change than the food I was used to under the Standard American Diet. Coming from an Italian family, eating tons of pasta and sauce, that was most of what I knew. But HEY, at least the pasta sauce was always made from scratch!

At 12 years old I lost my mother to breast cancer. This was the beginning of an empowering yet frightening path without a mother, being raised by only a father, and while looking out for my two younger sisters. Since I was 15 years old, I struggled with irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS, acne troubled skin, ADHD and what I now know is, Candida (an overgrowth of yeast in the body). After numerous doctor visits, I was prescribed an array of different medications to “fix” these issues and by the time I was 17 I was taking 3-4 medications a day! Between juggling my life as a high school student then becoming a full-time college student, working part-time, being there for my family and trying to be a "kid" and have a social life to, it was too much! 

Taking these prescribed pills were the easiest way out of my problems at the time and was the only remedy I knew.

As a sophomore in college, I got fed up and decided to ditch the pills and stiff out the problems. I started focusin my energy at the gym and exercising like crazy. I felt great but I still didn't feel "balanced”. In 2017 I met my boyfriend, Matt. His knowledge of natural health inspired me to go back to school at IIN and further my education in health and nutrition. I learned about what it is that goes on in our bodies, how the food we put into it affects us and our daily lives and how the integrity of our gut (our 2nd brain) is crucial to overall mental wellness. I began to apply these methods to my own life, and it was then that I began to understand my body, took ahold of my overwhelming stress, recognized my cheese addiction causing inflammation and acne and incorporated more real whole foods into my diet. I craved bad things less, slept better, thought more clearly, felt full often, had more energy, managed stress properly, exercised daily, and my complexion was bright. Most importantly, my menstrual cycles were normal and my body finally felt complete and fulfilled!

I took a holistic approach to naturally get my body and gut back to a neutral state where there will be no more inflammation, no more anxiety. Two years later, it was a miracle- I gave birth to our healthy, beautiful baby girl, Ava. 

Welcome Beautiful!

Today, I live to know that there is always something more and if you think you have nothing left to lose, you must dig deep to find that hope and find the truth. Today, I use my past as a foundation of strength and confidence that shines within me among everything I do, (or I atleast try!).

I believe that every single person has more potential than they perceive, and it is so important to trust your intuition. Not only did I find what was missing in my body and life, but I understood that life is not just about making sure you are eating kale every day and consuming only 1200 calories to keep up with your body weight and athletic ability. It's about the appreciation for yourself, being mindful and in tune with yourself and understanding your GUT feelings and thoughts.

So the arrow is pointing to YOU. Are you ready to RE-ROOT YOUR HEALTH to?

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