Why diets don't work. Start connecting with your intuition!

I have a secret to tell...that diet, or spinach wrap you had for lunch, detox, or health plan your following is not going to work out.

WHY? Because your not doing what your body wants you to do and your following someone else’s health tips and advice that may not even pertain to your unique body and life.

Do you want to know what does WORK? Following your intuition...each and every time.

Because GET THIS- when I started reflecting on my choices and checking in with myself over and over again, THAT’s when I started to feel my BEST. When I started to listen and trust my body, I became clear on better food and life choices, my social environment and daily exercise. This actually removed the overbearing need to overindulge at holidays, have that 4th glass of wine or stay in a relationship that no longer suits you (not to mention the guilt) This made sure I was aligning with my goals to get what I wanted out of life- to feel beautiful and happy inside and out.

There’s so much contradicting health advice out there and they want you to follow that plan, do this diet, use these tips, take these supplements, when its not ONLY about one of those things. Now you may find this works for you or others short term, but trust me when I tell you this is not the long term solution.

Connecting with your intuition is the ONLY tool that will bring it back to you.

In my my private coaching program I provide the tools and resources for women who want to change their lifestyle once and for all. Women who like me were stuck in a vicious cycle of diets struggling to make the right food choices, wanting to feel better while trying to make time for everything else. Maybe you can’t keep the weight off and you struggle with digestive issues and irregular cycles. With the proper guidance, tools and tricks, clean eating recipes and life hacks, this will forever resonate with when you start to listen to YOUR body and connect to your intuition.

Imagine knowing why you have that nightly sweets craving and be able to nip it in the butt instead of reaching for the secret candy stash? I’d love to be that support to help you feel better and experience this to.

 Are you with me?!

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