Why Should You Choose Organic?

All produce is better to buy organic, but let's face it, sometimes we just can't have it all and during these times, it just may not fit the budget.

When I shop for fruit and produce at the grocery store, I ALWAYS reference the EWG Dirty Dozen list to know which produce is best to buy organic.

Produce is tested for pesticide residue whether in large or trace amounts and these lists are updated each year by the EWG. Pesticides sprayed on produce especially Glyphosate, a probable carcinogen linked to cancer and Chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxic brain damaging pesticide, should be avoided when possible.

Did ya know strawberries take the lead with the highest pesticide residues?

4 Health Coach Tips When Produce Shopping

1.  Buy Organic! If available this is the best way to stay clear of harmful chemicals and get the most out of your produce. Use the Dirty 12 List.

2.  Always ask if you don't know…HOW the crop is grown (use of pesticides, weed killer, soil, hydroponic, greenhouse etc) and WHERE the fruit was grown.

3.  Wash your produce before consuming, but remember this will ONLY remove residual pesticides. When crops are sprayed with non-organic chemicals it alters the molecular structure of the fruit leaving it to be considered a GMO which can lead to harmful effects on body and obtain minimal nutritional value as it would in its normal state.

4.  If organic is not an option, choose LOCAL. This is a great way to support local farmers who take pride in the fruit they produce and do there best to keep their produce free of harmful chemicals.

By simply buying your produce organic and following these guidelines, you can actually cut down your pesticide intake by a whopping 80%!!!

Try to shop for your produce in season to cut down on your grocery bill and to get the best flavor. Here is a a reference for each month!

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